About the lab

Colorado State University

We are based in the biology department at CSU in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our lab is located in the newly constructed Biology building. In addition to our brand new lab space we also have access to a newly refurbished Plant growth facility with several climate controlled growth chambers.

Fort Collins is a beautiful holiday town an hour's drive outside the city of Denver with several great breweries, restaurants, and live music venues. It is also minutes away from gorgeous mountains and reservoirs filled with great hiking, rock climbing, water sports, and skiing.

Our Group

The lab is an interdisciplinary group of scientists whose work spans plant biology, virology, fungal biology, and synthetic biology. We aim to complement this intellectual diversity with cultural diversity within the group by using inclusive hiring practices and building a culture of kindness and mutual respect. We try to create a fun and welcoming environment where we help each other to grow and become better scientists and people.

In addition to our research, we treat communicating our findings and recreating our passion for plant synthetic biology among the general public in Fort Collins, America, and the world, as a core mission. We actively design and participate in projects to engage the public with our work, as well as work to create easily sharable resources for science communication and teaching as part of this goal.