Arjun Khakhar

Assistant professor, Department of Biology


Bio: I am passionate about fighting global hunger and malnutrition. My major hobbies are cooking, making art, and reading. Science fiction is my favorite genre and I love that my job gives me the opportunity to bring some of the things I have read about closer to reality. I grew up in Mumbai, India and have been working in the field of synthetic biology since 2015.

Tawni Bull

Postdoctoral Fellow


Bio: I was born and raised on the Western Slope in Colorado where I helped with our family farm. Seeing the difficulties of farming first-hand, I became passionate about improving agricultural crops and practices to help benefit farmers. I received my PhD from UC Davis in Horticulture and Agronomy studying the genetic loci important for in vitro regeneration and developing methods for improved regeneration in lettuce. I love to read thriller/suspense novels and to go on weekend adventures with my husband and our two corgis, Kya and Luna.

Lauren Farina

Research Technician


Bio: I am interested in the improvement of agricultural crops and systems. After working in plant breeding for agriculture, I look forward to approaching such topics from a synthetic biology perspective. I grew up in the Midwest in Wisconsin and Minnesota and am excited to be close to the mountains because I love skiing and hiking.